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Basic calendar

In only 4 steps you can configurate the look of your calendar as well as which data it shall contain. Then, you can download the template and edit it in Adobe® InDesign® arbitrarily. The complete data set is available for 19.90 euros.

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More complex calendars

Do you need a much more complex calendar? Let us program an individual calendar for you.

More and faster

Create unlimited calendar templates: with the premium plan, you can create as many calendar templates as you want. Create an account now.

Individual calendar

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With Calidario, companies can create individual calendars according to their own needs.

Your benefits

  • Corresponds to the Corporate Design you specified.
  • Multilingual calendar possible.
  • Individual list of holidays and dates possible.
  • Fully editable in Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress or Affinity Publisher.

Find out now about our prices and contact us for your individual calendar.

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