What will my calendar template look like?


To get a preview of your calendar template, you can configure the template and download it for free on the download page below. No registration is necessary. It only takes a few minutes to create and save.

In general, you don't get a layout or design with Calidario, just the calendar you have configured. It is the "raw data" of a calendar. All visual adjustments, for example designing according to an existing corporate design, embedding images or logos, are possible afterwards. The calendar template is an open, editable InDesign document.

If you would like to view a calendar template in InDesign without having configured one beforehand, you can download a test file here. We created a calendar template with our own calendar configurator and then adapted it in InDesign. With this you can convince yourself of the quality of the calendar and the calendar template.

Download test file (ZIP; 0.9 MB)