Services and support

Complete calendar package: In addition to our calendar configurator, we offer further services around calendars and calendars. We programme individual complex calendars and calendars, design any kind of calendar for you and take care of the printing of your finished files.

Pen and paper — the basis of good design

Calendar Configurator

Configure in four steps how your calendar template should look and what data it should contain. Then download the template and edit it as you like in Adobe® InDesign®.

Pen and paper — the basis of good design

Calendar design

You want an expert to design your wall calendar? Please contact us for more information. We'd be happy to take over the design of your calendar and will submit an offer without obligation.

Printed paper in different colors

Calendar printing

From the file to the finished print product, we will gladly take over all the necessary steps for a high-quality result. With our many years of experience in pre-press, we take care of both the checking of your data and the actual printing, finishing and further processing of your calendars.

Calendar programming

Calendar programming

By programming layouts, we are able to generate calendars that have been created once as often as you like and every year with the most up-to-date data, without having to set them anew each time.