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Programming of calendars

State-of-the-art workflow for individual and complex projects

Calendars quickly become complex, for example if a calendar should be multilingual or have a large amount of content, such as the holidays of several countries. There are no standard solutions for this, so that such calendars always have to be laboriously created by hand. It is particularly annoying that due to the shifting of the days of the week and the day digits from one year to the next, calendars become unusable and then have to be completely regenerated.

By programming layouts, we are able to generate calendars that have been created once as often as we want and every year with the latest data, without having to set them anew every time. The basic properties of the calendar are defined and can then be applied to every year. The design can also be programmed and is then available in exactly the same way every time it is played.

Manual processing or final artwork is no longer necessary, but can be done on request. In this case, we provide InDesign Markup Language Files (.idml), which can be edited from InDesign CS4 and newer and QuarkXPress from version 2018. All information contained therein is precisely provided with paragraph and character formats and can be adapted very easily.

In all other cases we deliver printable Portable Document Files (.pdf).


The programming of a calendar is done individually and is therefore charged according to the effort.

We charge a fee of 120 euros per playout.

Sample calculation

A wall planner is to be created for 10 countries, 10 printable PDFs are required for printing, one per language. The wall planners should contain the holidays of all 10 countries in each version, as well as a company logo, the corporate font and the corporate colors. The classic way to have these calendars set (layout) would take around 10 working days — every year anew.

At Calidario, we charge one-and-a-half daily rates of 760 euros each for the one-time programming of the wall planner mentioned, i.e. a total of 1140 euros. Each payout costs 120 euros, i.e. 1200 euros for 10 versions. In the first year, the total costs amount to 2340 euros. For each subsequent year, only the stated payout costs of 1200 euros are incurred.

After the first year, we charge a usage fee of 10 euros per month.


Generation costs

We guarantee a constant price for unchanged generations over a period of 5 years.

The advantage for you: The data can be generated again according to the same scheme in subsequent years without adapting the software. After the one-time programming work has been done, only the pure generation costs will be charged in the following years.

Security and constancy of information and layout

Once a calendar has been programmed, it can be generated as often as required. The information contained therein will always be the same, can never “slip” into the wrong place, shift, or the like. Careless mistakes are excluded. A corporate design implemented in the programming will always correspond to the specifications.

Publishing 4.0

At Calidario, the creation of calendars is programmed and automated. In this way we minimize the effort for cyclically recurring tasks. The automation also reduces the susceptibility to errors that manual typesetting is inevitably exposed to. Complex correction runs are a thing of the past.

This is next-generation publishing: separating creative activities from those that can be done faster and more reliably through automation. Design is programmed.


Calidario use their own database to reliably deliver high quality data. It contains 118 languages for 249 countries, 210 public holidays, 4080 name days and 330 vacation dates.

An overview of the information can be found in the country directory.

For developers

The Calidario API enables third parties to access all relevant calendar information.

Our Calidario framework is an in-house development with a proprietary license and written in the most modern object-oriented PHP. We provide some components as open source, an overview is available at Bit&Black.

More about the API and the framework

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