Prices of services

Calidario offers various services related to the production of calendars. Here is an overview of the costs.

Calendar Configurator

Create and download calendar templates online in the calendar configurator

Basic calendar Premium Individual calendars
Cost per generated calendar 19,90 €
per download
0 €
No costs
120 €
per download
One-time setup costs 0 €
No costs
0 €
No costs
Between 760 €
and 2280 euros for the one-time programming of the calendar.
Running costs 0 €
No costs
180 €
per year
0 € in the first year
thereafter 120 euros per year.
Download an IDML document, fully editable in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Affinity Publisher
Documents are license free and can be used as you like
Multilingual calendar possible
Number of months before and after the calendar can be freely configured
Own corporate design possible directly in the template *
Own images and logos directly in the template possible *
Use individual fonts directly in the template *
Google fonts only

Google fonts only
Use individual design directly in the template *
Calendar immediately available
Immediately after payment
Archiving of the generated calendars
Minimum term None, because no subscription. Can be canceled monthly, minimum term 12 months. Can be canceled monthly, minimum term 12 months.
Target group Perfect for photographers, designers and agencies with low needs. Perfect for agencies and publishers who regularly need different calendars. Perfect for agencies and publishers with a regular need for very complex and individual calendars.
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*Regardless of the tariff, these settings can be made later in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or Affinity Publisher, since the generated calendars are always open and fully editable layout documents.

Have calendar designed

The design of your calendar depends on the size and type of the calendar. Also, whether images must be maintained and possibly processed. If you would like to commission us with the design of a calendar, we will create an individual offer for you.

Learn more about calendar design

From 170 €

The price is calculated according to effort at 85 euros per hour.

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Have calendar printed

For the production of a ready-made calendar information about the edition, the format and the colour are decisive. We will create an individual offer for you.

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Depending on the configuration. Possible from edition 1. The higher the edition, the lower the unit price.

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Calidario REST API

Unlimited access to day and month names in almost every language on earth. In addition, vacation dates, public holidays, zodiac signs, name days and moon phases. Access is via The data is actively maintained and updated.

Learn more about the Calidario REST API

20 € per month and application

Authentication is via a token.

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Calidario Framework for PHP

The PHP library enables object-oriented handling of the Calidario REST API data. It is a solid foundation for any calendar application and has been used by us for many years.

Learn more about the Calidario REST API

10 € per month and application

The authentication takes place via a token, the installation via Composer.

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