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API and framework

Integrate Calidario in your service

The Calidario API

With the Calidario API you have access to all the information you need for your calendar. The data is continuously updated and guarantees you error-free calendars.

Reliably obtain calendar information

At Calidario, the API has been used for the calendar configurator and for individual calendars for years. However, it is also available to third parties and is ideal for online and offline applications.

For technical information and technical support, please contact Bit&Black.

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Address and endpoints

The REST-API can be called under A token is required for the query.

These endpoints are available:

  • calendarsystems The country-specific calendar type, the day on which a year begins and the year 0, from which all other years are counted, sorted by country.
  • cities All cities sorted by country, including postcode, state/region, and geographic coordinates.
  • countries All countries in the world with their country code according to ISO 3166 Alpha-2 and ISO 3166 Alpha-3, the currency, the population, the continent, the capital, the language codes of the languages spoken there, the geographical coordinates and the area in square kilometers.
  • countrynames All countries in the world translated into other languages.
  • days The day names in almost all languages on earth.
  • holidays The holidays of all European countries. It contains the name, the date and the respective federal states/regions in which the holiday is celebrated.
  • languages All languages on earth. The list contains the country code according to ISO 639-1, the language code according to LCID, the description and the country-specific calendar type.
  • months The month names in almost every language on earth.
  • moonphases The phases of the moon in different languages.
  • namedays The name days of all European countries.
  • starsigns The names of the signs of the zodiac in different languages.
  • states The federal states/regions of different countries.
  • vacations The school holidays of different countries including the name, beginning and end as well as the indication of the respective federal state or the respective region.

The Calidario framework

The Calidario framework is a useful addition for handling the calendar information from the Calidario API. With the help of the library, this information could be formatted and processed more easily.


The Calidario framework offers these functionalities:

  • Dates can be converted to other calendar systems. That means: dates from the Gregorian, the Julian and the Islamic calendar (Hijri) can each be converted.
  • Day names can be requested for a specific language.
  • The number of a day in a week can be calculated.
  • The Easter date for the Western and Eastern Churches can be calculated for a specific year.
  • The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn can be calculated for a specific year.
  • It can be checked whether a certain day includes a public holiday. The distinction between national holidays and partial holidays is possible.
  • Month names can be queried for a specific language.
  • The first and last day and the total number of days in a given month can be calculated.
  • Name days can be queried by day or by name.
  • Signs of the zodiac can be queried.
  • Moon phases can be queried and output in different languages.
  • Federal states/regions can be queried for a specific country.
  • The sunrise and sunset can be calculated for a specific geographical position.
  • The school holidays of a certain country can be queried.
  • The week number on a specific date can be calculated.

Installation and technical requirements

The Calidario framework is available as a PHP library and can be integrated via Composer. It is a private library that requires a token. The library requires PHP >=7.4 as well as the calendar extension (ext-calendar), the JSON extension (ext-json) and the multibyte string extension (ext-mbstring).

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