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Three-month calendar with spiral binding


More than a personal agenda

Whether you need a personal agenda, a project management tool at work or a lovingly decorated gift with pictures for your loved ones – calendars are a crucial part of everyday life! Calidario offers you an individual calendar according to your special needs and preferences.

Create calendar template now

What kind of calendars do we offer?

For creating your individual calendar template you can choose between three types of calendar. You can edit the template in Adobe® InDesign® arbitrarily. Calidario provides you with the calendar data and leaves the creative part up to you. Of course, there are lots of other types of calendar possible. As for special requests we offer an individual design.

All-year wall calendar

The all-year wall calender is among the largest calendars. It simplifies the organisation in companies and with your logo on it the calendar is a constant reminder of your company through the year.

Photo calendar

A photo calendar allows you to have your greatest moments always on your side. It is the ideal gift for family, relatives or friends.

Three month­calendar

The three month calendar is ideally sutited for your daily business at work. This way you can always keep an eye on the current month as well as on the month before and the next month. Overview at its best!