Data for China. Holidays, vacations, zodiac signs and more.

The following data are available for China at Calidario. You can use them when you create your calendar template. By the way: Calidario increases its data record regularly and provides more and more data over time.


يەكشەنبە, دۈشەنبە, سەيشەنبە, چارشەنبە, پەيشەنبە, جۈمە, شەنبە / 星期日, 星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六


قەھرىتان, ھۇت, نورۇز, ئۈمىد, باھار, سەپەر, چىللە, تومۇز, مىزان, ئوغۇز, ئوغلاق, كۆنەك / 一月, 二月, 三月, 四月, 五月, 六月, 七月, 八月, 九月, 十月, 十一月, 十二月

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